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There once lived an insane little boy. He wanted to be a cowboy but the major posses rejected him. The sad child turned to fire.

One day in an explosive flash, he was taken to an alien world and dropped right in the middle of an epic war of survival.

As he wandered around the planet, he slowly came to grips with it. It had a much lower gravity than Earth, but even more interesting was his abilities. Suddenly he could summon fire at will. Due to his powers, he became known to the inhabitants only as 'Pyro'.

He had been brought here by the Felay, a race of tiny wizards. For years they had been oppressed by the professor and his army of mind controlled cows: the Felay's cities had been destroyed and all their people were forced to live as outcasts. Recently, the professor had all of the Felay's mystical artifacts stolen. Pyro was sent on his quest by the Felay Guru, the greatest of their kind. He was to retrieve these objects of power: especially Guru's crown, with which he believed he could reunite his people.


The professor has left many concoctions around his labs. These seem to interact strangely with Pyro's body, enhancing his control over fire. Find them for yourself and enjoy. Remember the blue potion acts as an antidote, undoing the potions.

Also of interest are the green firelighters, which replenish Pyro's energy when he is tired. One of the Professor's oddest chemicals is liquid fire, which when drunk, completely restores his energy.


There are many trinkets in the Felay hoard, however the greatest are the mystic staffs. Made of pure white marble and topped with an orange crystal, they are considered objects of great power and beauty. There were only seven made, so their recovery is of the greatest importance.

Another interesting set of objects are the mirrors of immortality. To look into these is to bind yourself to it. If you should die, the mirror will shatter but you will be reborn in its place. Pyro needs these to survive through his quest.

As you play through this game, you are bound to find many other objects. You are also likely to fail quite a few levels, or go back and finish them twice. In these cases, only the highest score achieved in each level counts towards your score. This means the best scoring players are forced to find every treasure, instead of playing the same levels over and over.